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At Allambie Vet clinic we offer a range of products, both for general sale and also to help in healing and maintaining your pets.

Products available for Sale:

Products Available for Sale

  • Hills Science Diet and Prescription Diet Ranges
  • Heartworm Products
    • Sentinel and Interceptor
    • Proheart(Annual Injection)
    • Revolution
  • Intestinal Worming Products
  • Fleas and Tick Prevention Products
    • Advantix
    • Comfortis
    • Capstar
    • Frontline
    • Revolution
    • Advantage
  • Dog and Cat Shampoos
  • Dental Products:
    • Chews
    • Toothpaste
  • Arthritis Products
  • Ear Cleaning Products
  • Behavioural Help Products
  • Pet Tags
  • Dog Treats

Don't forget that we also offer free dog leads to all of our participants in Puppy Classes. You can never have enough leads for your dogs!

"Treating your pets as part of the family"

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