News // 27.5.23

Lip Fold Pyoderma

Today, Brian had a hospital visit for his recurring lip infections (aka Lip Fold Pyoderma). This condition can be itchy, painful and smelly. This occurs more frequently in some breeds such as #stbernard , #cockerspaniel , #englishbulldog , and #bassesthound

Treating skin fold dermatitis, requires addressing the inflammation and infection. Managing excessive moisture is also important. Brian currently has a flare-up. He was given light sedation to clip the fur around his mouth. Removing hair makes cleaning and treating the infection easier and also reduces moisture around the lips.

It is essential to address any underlying issues such as excessive skin flaps or underlying allergies. Treatment without surgery is often successful. However, in some severe or recurring cases, surgery is needed. This is called “cheiloplasty” and involves removing excess skin. We are able to perform this surgery at Allambie Vet, and our patients have had excellent outcomes.

In some cases, lip fold pyoderma can be a frustrating condition for owners and #dogs

If you have any concerns about your dog’s skin, an appointment can be booked with one of our veterinarians.

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