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Keeping your pet happy and healthy requires regular check-ups and vaccinations to help ensure they’re at a much lower risk of preventable ailments. 

Vaccinations are an important part of the care of your pet. Like humans, side effects in pets that are associated with vaccinations are extremely uncommon and usually include lethargy for 24 hours and a short- lived fever. Should these occur, they are not an immediate cause for concern. If your pet has not recovered from these side-effects after 24-48 hours, contact us and we will guide you through the next steps.

We offer you all the advice you require, together with recommending the best preventative products specific to your pet’s needs. 

How do pet vaccines actually work?

A vaccine is a substance containing a small amount of killed or altered virus or bacteria that is injected under the skin. The vaccine stimulates an immune response, but does not cause any disease. The immune system then produces antibodies to this harmless impostor. When your pet encounters the real virus or bacteria in the future, the body quickly responds to attack and kill it.

How often does my pet need to be vaccinated?

Once your pet is a patient of ours, we set up a personalised profile that sends out an automatic reminder as to when your pet’s vaccinations are due. This takes all the worry out of you having to remember specific dates and ensures your pet is always up to date with their vaccinations and preventative healthcare.

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