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At Allambie Vet we consider pet insurance a valuable component to your pet’s health care plan. Pet insurance is vital at times where unexpected accidents or health issues occur leaving you with unplanned veterinary bills. If you are considering pet insurance, it is important to investigate and apply as early as possible before any issues arise. For new pet owners, pet insurance is a simple way of giving you peace of mind. 

We offer eClaims with PetSure, making paper work obsolete. It's as simple as giving us your pet's insurance policy number.

There’s no paperwork to complete or sign, and you can leave the practice knowing your claim is underway. All our claims are submitted within 48 hours and then are assessed by a team of qualified vets and vet nurses, and most are processed within three business days.

We are proud to announce the release of GapOnly claims. We only offer GapOnly to patients admitted into hospital for treatment, diagnostic testing or surgery. 

The new GapOnly service calculates your claim, so you only pay the gap (the difference between the total of  your invoice and the claim benefits under your policy). It means less to pay upfront. 

*Please be advised that this service is only available for eligible PetSure insurance providers. Check with your insurance company or go to for more information.

What pet insurance would you recommend?

While we can't give specific advice about insurance policies, we can give general advice on what to look for to get the best policy that suits your pet, and we can advise what questions to ask the insurance company before committing to an insurance policy. We recommend choosing a pet insurance company that suits your pet’s age, breed and condition as well as your lifestyle and budget. 

What does pet insurance cover?

All pet insurance policies provide different levels of coverage. When researching pet insurance companies we recommend reading policies carefully to understand what is and is not covered.  Please call Allambie Vet if you would like advice.

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