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Desexing Dogs & Cats

At Allambie Vet, desexing surgeries are routinely performed with experienced surgeons in a sterile, controlled environment with the pet under a general anaesthetic. Desexing is recommended if you do not intend to breed your pet as this minimises sex-specific health risks later in life. 

Will desexing hurt my dog/cat?

All pets at Allambie Vet undergoing desexing procedures are provided with a pain relief plan before, during and after the surgery. We aim to make your pet's procedure a pain-free experience. 

Will my dog/cat still have sexual behaviour after desexing?

All pets behave differently, and certain behaviours such as ‘seeking’ behaviours may be reduced following desexing. However, it is important to note that some ‘sexual’ behaviours may remain, as it is a normal part of an animals instinctual behaviour.

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