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Living on the Northern Beaches means that tick paralysis is something you need to be aware of. These days, there are excellent products on the market to prevent this life threatening condition. The products we recommend for dog and cat tick prevention are bravecto, nexgard/nexgard spectra or simparica.

Tick paralysis is deadly and requires immediate treatment and hospitalisation. At Allambie Vet our team has decades of experience in diagnosing and treating tick paralysis in dogs and cats. Our veterinarians regularly attend conferences on tick paralysis to ensure that our treatment protocols are the most current and effective. Additionally, we have just acquired a new ventilator to better manage those patients that are severely affected by tick paralysis.

If you have found a tick on your pet or suspect that your pet has tick paralysis, please call Allambie Vet as soon as possible.

Symptoms of paralysis ticks in house cats?

The normal signs of tick paralysis in a cat include paralysis (often starting with subtle weakness in the hind legs), changes in ‘meow’, vomiting or regurgitation and difficulty breathing. If you notice any of the above signs, please contact Allambie Vet for advice and to have your cat seen by a veterinarian.

How do I remove ticks from my dog?

Removing ticks from a dog is best done with a purpose made ‘tick hook’ that grasps the tick around the mouth parts, pulling it out without squeezing the body. Squeezing the body or burning/freezing the tick causes it to expel more venom into your dog. If you are unable to safely remove the tick, please visit us and we can have one of our staff remove it for you.

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