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Just like humans, our pets deserve a high quality of life in their mature years, free from discomfort and pain. The health of your pet can change rapidly as they age and often, these changes can go unnoticed. Early intervention leads to a lifetime of good health.

Beginning at around seven years of age, your pet enters their senior years.

At this point, pets often begin to develop diseases common to their senior human counterparts, such as diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease, osteoarthritis and cancer.

In fact, 1 out of 10 pets that appear “healthy” has an underlying disease.

Providing optimal care for senior pets enhances the human-animal bond and promotes early detection of age-related diseases. With early detection, optimal medical care can be initiated that may increase longevity and enhance quality of life. We recommend an annual health check with some dogs requiring a three-monthly or six-monthly health check.

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