Blood Test and Pathology

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Dog & Cat Blood Testing 

Our dedicated laboratory contains the latest in-house pathology equipment, including: haematology, biochemistry, urinalysis, blood gases, clotting profiles, cortisol levels, Spec CPL, Spec FPL, Heartwork, FIV, cytology and microscopy. Some specific tests are sent off to be analysed by an external pathology lab with specialist pathologists. 

Does my dog or cat need to fast before a blood test?

Some blood tests do require fasting prior to testing, however most do not. If your pet is scheduled for a blood test, please ask the veterinarian if fasting is required. 

How should I care for my dog or cat after a blood test?

Most blood tests do not require any after care after collection. If there is any care requirements your veterinarian will discuss this with you before the test is performed.

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