News // 16.7.19

PetSure releases their first Pet Health Monitor Report

Welcome to the first PetSure Pet Health Monitor – a national first report that investigates Australians’ love of pets, trends in pet ownership, common health conditions and the costs associated with keeping pets healthy. The PetSure Pet Health Monitor draws on insights from almost three million pet insurance claims across a five-year period (2013-2018), providing one of the largest data reports for animal health in Australia. 

Pets have long been a part of Australian households, but their position in our lives has shifted in recent years. What we’re seeing is a growing global trend in the humanisation of pets, where the dog or cat is considered a member of the family.

Some interesting topics within the report include:

  • Most popular breeds
  • Top dog and cat names
  • Most common health conditions 
  • Most common reasons for claims
  • Who visits the vet the most
  • Most expensive breeds to own

No surprise that the breed most likely to eat a sock is a Labrador!

Click link below to read Petsure's full report

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