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Our dedicated laboratory contains the latest in-house pathology equipment, including: haematology, biochemistry, urinalysis, blood gases, clotting profiles, cortisol levels, Spec CPL, Spec FPL, Heartwork, FIV, cytology and microscopy. Some specific tests are sent off to be analysed by an external pathology lab with specialist pathologists. 

Does my dog or cat need to fast before a blood test?

Some blood tests do require fasting prior to testing, however most do not. If your pet is scheduled for a blood test, please ask the veterinarian if fasting is required. 

How should I care for my pet after a blood test?

Most blood tests do not require any after care after collection. If there is any care requirements your veterinarian will discuss this with you before the test is performed.

Allambie Vet has a dedicated imaging department that includes the ability to perform in house x-rays, ultrasound and endoscopy if indicated. Our veterinary staff regularly attend continuing education courses and are experienced in these areas of imaging so that a diagnosis can be achieved for your pet accurately and promptly.

Are x-rays dangerous for pets?

X-ray is the use of radiation to obtain an internal image. At high doses, radiation can be harmful, however the low doses used in veterinary practice are unlikely to cause harm over the lifetime of your pet. 

Does pet insurance cover x-rays?

X-rays are an important part of the diagnostic procedure in veterinary practice. Most insurance companies will cover x-rays if it is not related to a pre-existing condition, however it is best to review your insurance policy or contact the insurer directly to be sure they will be covered.

At Allambie Vet we understand that quality of life for your pet is paramount. Palliative care of your pet can be discussed and managed by our veterinary staff, at length. 

When the time comes, euthanasia of your pet is always difficult – both in deciding when is the right time and the process itself. We are here to guide you through this very difficult time. 

House Calls for Pets

We understand it is not always easy to bring your pet to us, particularly for our anxious, old or unwell pets. For some pets, the car ride may also cause car sickness, while for others it may be difficult to get pets into the car at all, or there may be no transport available. If this is the case for your pet, please get in touch with our reception staff to discuss organising a house call visit.

House calls are usually performed Monday to Friday between 12pm and 3pm. House calls need to be booked 24 hours in advance.

At Allambie Vet we work closely with veterinary specialists throughout Sydney to ensure the best care and advice for your pets. Registered specialist veterinarians are regularly scheduled to attend Allambie Vet to carry out specialised procedures or surgeries in serious and complex cases. Occasionally, we may discuss external referral for specialist assessment, procedures or surgeries. 

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