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Pet Behaviour Vet Northern Beaches

We understand the challenges and stress a problem behaviour can bring. We work closely with local trainers and Specialist Animal Behaviourists to help create realistic programs to fit in with your daily life.

When it comes to behaviour there is no “quick fix”. Behavioural problems are usually quite complex and chances are if you are seeking help, it's significant. Most behavioural problem require ongoing work at home.

Behavioural problems can be due to both environment and/or medical issues. Please allow 30 minutes for a Behaviour Consultation at Allambie Vet. We will investigate pet behavioural problems by obtaining a full history and conducting an in-depth examination, including blood or urine tests, to rule out underlying medical conditions.

Below are a few common conditions we manage:

  • Separation anxiety 
  • Generalised anxiety
  • Fear anxiety
  • Inappropriate urination  
  • Inter-cat aggression 
  • Territorial aggression 
  • Redirected aggression
  • Noise phobias 
Most common behavioural disorder in pets?

In general practice, anxiety disorders make up over 99% of veterinary patients presenting for behavioural issues. The way an animal behaves at any given time depends on three key factors: genetic predisposition, learning from previous experiences, and the particular environment it is in at the time

Puppy School & Dog Training Northern Beaches

We offer puppy pre-school here on the Northern Beaches at Allambie Vet with our qualified puppy trainers, Amy Smith and our Head Nurse Ally Bream. 

Socialisation and early basic training are the keys to success with your new puppy. Puppies develop their social skills between the ages of 8-16 weeks. Puppy pre-school is designed to use this period in your puppy's life to ensure he/she becomes a polite, well behaved and well socialised dog.

What are the requirements for enrolment?

Your puppy should be under 14 weeks of age at the start of the four consecutive classes. However, puppy class is best started between 8-10 weeks of age. Puppies are fine to start as long as they have had ONE vaccination and a Free Puppy Health Check.

Puppies must be on a flat collar and or harness and a lead to attend class. No flexi-leads please.

How long does the course go for?

The four week puppy course consists of four 1 hour and 15 minute lessons. Every lesson if followed up with emailed notes, videos and phone support.

We offer classes Monday and Tuesday evenings here at Allambie Vet. Alternatively, our trainers offer Saturday classes at The Canine Collective in Narraweena.

If you have attended Puppy Class and want to continue fine tuning your puppy obedience training you can be put in touch with one of our partners for further training classes in obedience, agility loose lead walking, recall or clicker training. 

How do I book into Puppy Class?

To book into classes at Allambie Vet please call on 9905 0505 or Amy Smith on 0410 485 175.

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